The Natura 2000 Network Day – Azores

  • Start date: 20/05/2017
  • End date: 21/05/2017
The Natura 2000 Network Day, celebrated on May 20 and 21, is a way of reminding everyone of the importance of conservation of the protected areas included in the European Natura 2000 Network, and in January 2016 it covered more than 18% of the areas European land-based natural resources. In the Azores, 41 protected areas are classified in this network, and we find in São Miguel one of the largest Special Protection Areas (ZPE) with 6067.28 ha - Peak of Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme, created for the protection of the priolo and Its habitat, Laurissilva Forest. The Priolo, (pyrrhula murina), is an endemic endangered bird that can only be found in this ZPE being one of the species that have recovered in the last years fruit of the efforts made for its conservation. Visit the SPEA stand at the Lar, Campo e Mar Fair at Portas do Mar, in São Miguel, discover the natura 2000 network and its importance and take a photo for the conservation of these areas.