The Clean Air Day of the Malopolska Region

LIFE14 IPE/PL/000021
  • Start date: 13/11/2017
  • End date: 14/11/2017
On the occasion of the International Clean Air Day, the Ecomanagers employed under the LIFE Integrated Project called "Implementation of  Air Quality Plan for Malopolska Region - Małopolska in a healthy atmosphere" (LIFE14 IPE PL 021)  will organize a series of events in municipalities on 14th of November  including for example: - competitions related to air protection for children and youth, - local parades with banners related to air protection with children and youth, - extended working day of Ecomanagers in municipalities, especially for customers interested in energy efficiency consulting and other activities related to the air protection, - free spirometry for residents, - specially prepared workshops about air protection for children and youth in local schools and kindergartens, - the possibility of checking residents's detached houses by thermal imaging cameras, - the distribution of books prepared especially for children and by children", the author of the content is a school student who has won a literary contest, - air purifiers for some educational institutions, - the distribution of information boards for schools showing daily air quality.