Open Day in the Gasification Plant of the ECORKWASTE project

LIFE14 ENV/ES/000460
  • Start date: 21/06/2017
  • End date: 21/06/2017

Open Day 

The consortium project, formed by the UPC, as coordinator, the Institut Català del Suro (Tecnio network member), Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic (Eurecat-CTM) (Tecnio network member), the company TYPSA and the Catalan Wine Clúster INNOVI, invite you to the open day  that will take place at Eurecat-CTM, in Manresa, to visit the gasification plant of the project LIFE 14 ENV/ES/460 ECORKWASTE.

The main aim of the ECORKWASTE project is to demonstrate the technical, environmental and economical feasibility of recycling granular cork waste. On the one hand, cork waste of various particle sizes will be used as an absorbent material in wetlands to eliminate organic compounds in a waste water treatment system. On the other hand, cork waste of various particle sizes will be used to produce energy via a gasification process.

This part of the project, the Gasification Plant, is located in the Centre Tecnològic in Manresa (Eurecat-CTM) which will be the object of this Open Day.

The objective of this day is to visit de Gasification Plant to see how it works. In addition to knowing the ECORKWASTE project in more depth, there will be the opportunity to know other projectes about cork, which have infinite utilities. This day will focus on the circular economy and different sustainability projectes will be presented.