Networking conference

LIFE14 CAP/SI/000012
  • Start date: 25/05/2017
  • End date: 26/05/2017

The aim of the NETWORKING CONFERENCE is to promote the importance of networking, presenting our networking portal and to celebrate 25 years of LIFE programme. To enable networking among participants, we are considering to organize it in a form of a "LIFE Fair", where organizations can present themselves, accompanied with lectures (topic: partner search and networking). The event will be open for everybody, but the invitation applies especially to organizations from Slovenian, neighbour countries, other contact points for LIFE and EASME representatives.

We will also present our networking portal which has been prepared by the LIFE Capacity Building Slovenia team ( The portal enables searching for partners, networking and the exchange of ideas and is intended for all those who are interested in the preparation of LIFE projects. You are more than welcome to sign in and test it before the conference.

On a second day we will go on a field trip to visit successful projects in Slovenia and of course there will be enough time for networking.

More information about location, programme and registration will be announced shortly.