LIFE PHOTOSCALING – Sustainability of photocatalytic technologies on urban pavements: From laboratory test to in field compliance criteria

LIFE13 ENV/ES/001221
  • Start date: 08/06/2017
  • End date: 08/06/2017
LIFE-PHOTOSCALING’s global objective is to demonstrate the validity of the photocatalytic technology in urban agglomerations; establishing the instruments to scaling up from laboratory measurements to application in our cities; by developing a decision support tool; to assess the sustainability of each particular solution in each particular environment to encourage the widespread use of this technology. Some attempts have been made in order to apply this technology in a real scale. However in those cases important problems were encountered to monitor the system from a global point of view that makes it very difficult or even impossible to evaluate if the technique is really working. That is why there is still a barrier that discourages public authorities and most architects and engineers to promote the use of this technology  together with the fact that there is not any compliance criterions’ concerning neither activity nor durability or possible secondary effects. Therefore LIFE-PHOTOSCALING intends to bridge the gap between research; policy and widespread implementation of the technology.