Le innovazioni per l’agricoltura di precisione e per l’agricoltura conservativa

LIFE13 ENV/IT/000583
  • Start date: 09/05/2017
  • End date: 09/05/2017

On Tuesday 9th May 2017, at the pilot and demonstration farm of ValleVecchia (Caorle, Venezia), in a whole day dedicated to precision farming innovative techniques, a special session dedicated to of LIFE's 25th Anniversary. The Vallevecchia farm hosts the demonstration activities of LIFE Agricare Project and two other LIFE Projects (WATERSTORE e HELPSOIL), but it also one of 26 sites Natura 2000 managed by “Veneto Agricoltura”.

The event of 9th may is a seminar and field demonstrations to present the results of the three year LIFE AGRICARE Project. The economic, environmental, agricultural and energy results demonstrate that the modern techniques and the mechanical and electronic equipment (precision farming) applied to conservation agriculture (no till and minimum tillage) contribute to reduce greenhouse gases, to increase organic matter in soil, to  improve the farm’s viability.

For more information visit the website of the project (in Italian) www.lifeagricare.eu/it/ .