Guided visit to the Oostvoorduinen at Oostduinkerke

LIFE12 NAT/BE/000631
  • Start date: 21/05/2017
  • End date: 21/05/2017

Sunday 21 May: In the frame of the LIFE+ Nature project 'FLANDRE', the Agency of Nature and Forests of the Flemish Authority has purchased an important part of the Oostvoorduinen, restored humid dune slacks and grey dunes in the Oostvoorduinen and is now elaborating a management plan for amongst other sites (with a superficies of 319 ha in total) the Oostvoorduinen. The participants to the guided visit will get explanations about the actions intended by the draft of management plan and get the opportunity to appreciate early results of the nature restoration works that were executed during the winter 2015-2016. Guides are biologist Eric Cosyns, project manager Jean-Louis Herrier and warden Guy Vileyn. The guided walk starts at 2.00 PM along the Karthuizerstraat near the most southern parking lot of the holiday village 'Sun Parc Oostduinkerke' (nearest to the Nieuwpoortse steenweg).