Grey Cattles Turn-out Festival

LIFE11 NAT/HU/000926
  • Start date: 28/04/2017
  • End date: 28/04/2017

This open-air festival is becoming an annual tradition of the Bükk National Park Directorate at "Conservation of the Red-footed falcon in the Carpathian Basin" project site HUBN10004.

In this event there will be presentations about the Rural Development Program of Hungary (performed by the secretary of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture), the history and present status of the grey cattle (performed by the representative of the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders Association) and the effects of grazing on grasslands and the 25 years of LIFE.

After the presentations there will be an open forum with the local colleagues of the Agricultural and Rural Development Office.

During the day we can follow the turnout of the grey cattle herd at the project site.

Translation won't be provided!