CARTIF lives LIFE. Celebrating the 25th anniversary LIFE Programme

  • Start date: 15/06/2017
  • End date: 15/06/2017

On 15th June, on the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the LIFE Program, an event will be celebrated in CARTIF. This initiative has been promoted by the following projects: LIFE COLRECEPS, LIFE DIOXDETECTOR, LIFE LEACHLESS, LIFE PAVETHEWAYSTE, LIFE EQUINOX, LIFE BATTLE CO2, LIFE HUELLAS and LIFE SMART Hospital.

In this event, CARTIF’s LIFE team will present their experience in LIFE Program and review the 20 LIFE Projects which they have achieved and developed. Besides, the news of the call 2017 presented by MAPAMA on 04/05/2017 in Madrid (Infoday LIFE Program 2014-2020: LIFE Call 2017) will be explained. Moreover, an exchange of experiences sessions in networking and replicability will be carried out with the participation of all the attendees.

Also, the final conference of LIFE COLRECEPS (LIFE12 ENV/ES/000754) will be held to share experiences and the obtained results. LIFE COLRECEPS started in September 2013 and will be finished in June 2017. The project has a budget of 1.201.933 euros and is funded by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Commission. LIFE COLRECEPS aims to implement a demonstration pilot plant for the recycling of expanded polystyrene waste to obtain new pearls of EPS. These pearls will be used to manufacture new products based on recycled EPS, closing the life cycle of EPS waste and giving an added value to this waste.

To register for the conference, please click here.  Participation is free but capacity is limited.