BIOBLITZ LOMBARDIA: esploratori della Biodiversità per un giorno!

LIFE14 IPE/IT/000018
  • Start date: 20/05/2017
  • End date: 21/04/2017

This event is part of  the integrated  project LIFE GESTIRE2020 (LIFE14 IPE/IT/018), the strategy for Natura 2000 network and biodiversity in Lombardy. Among the objectives of the integrated project is monitoring of habitats and species of community interest on the territory of Regione Lombardia through the involvement of general public and citizen science.

BioBlitz” will take place on 20th and 21st May in the regional Parks of Lombardy, in collaboration with AreaParchi. Citizens and schools will take part in monitoring sessions of specific habitats or species,  guided by experts. The data collected during the census will be geo-referenced and incorporated in the platform (an open source system that collects observations of all taxonomic groups) where an account called BioBlitz Lombardy will be opened. These data are public and can be validated and used by various researchers. The APP called Biodiversità Lombardia will be also used to collect specific data useful to gather information and monitor the protected species of European interest. Bioblitz will be also a public initiative that will help raise awareness on biodiversity and involve general public in the activities of the project