Awareness-raising on the “Transrun”, a famous trail in Reunion Island !

LIFE13 BIO/FR/000075
  • Start date: 20/05/2017
  • End date: 20/05/2017

La Reunion is the only tropical island in the world to host two endemic petrels. The status of petrels on the island is critical (IUCN : CR EN for the Mascarene Petrel and EN for Barau's Petrel) and two national action plans (NAPs) have already been set up (1. Mascarene Petrel NAP, 2012 and 2. Barau’s Petrel NAP, 2008).  For years, Reunion National Park has been working to protect these species along with the Société d’Études Ornithologiques de La Réunion [SEOR], the Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage [ONCFS] Brigade Nature Océan Indien [BNOI], and the University of Reunion to rescue stranded petrels, organise the“Nights Without Lights” Campaign, look for nesting sites in the island’s mountains, and monitor petrel colonies and populations. In 2014, the LIFE+Petrels project has been set up to find the Mascarene Petrel nesting sites and to fight more actively against identified threats including clearing rubbish, reducing numbers of wild predators (cats and rats) as well as levels of light pollution. On November the 15th 2016, the first breeding colony of Mascarene Petrels was found by the project team! It was a real milestone in the project which gave a new hope for the species' conservation!
Giving information to the population and making them active role players in La Reunion island's endemic sea birds' protection is also one of the main targets of the LIFE+ Petrels project.

The LIFE+ Petrels project plans to get involved in LIFE's 25th anniversary celebration.
On May the 20th, we will participate to a very important trail run in La Reunion Island called: "Transrun". This trail, 121 km long and 11 000 meters difference in height, passes through La Reunion island. On this race, runners will come close to the breeding colonies of the two endemic petrel species that we protect. We have to raise awareness to adopt the good behavior !