Anniversary Caravan – 25 years of EU supporting Nature and Environment through LIFE

LIFE11 NAT/RO/000825
  • Start date: 15/05/2017
  • End date: 19/05/2017

15.05.2017 – Novaci city, Gorj county – Actions dedicated to celebrate 25 Years of Life Program: poetry, drawings exhibition, Romanian folk costume parade, contest - Motto NATURE participants: secondary school students.

16.05.2017 –Targu-Jiu Municipality, Brancusi City – Inter high school contest: Life program - management and conservation of biodiversity in Romania and Europe.

17.05.2017 –Tismana city, Gorj county – Chestnut habitat region- Outdoor anniversary show for Tismana high school students, Exhibition best mottos at the Information and camping sites of LIFE 11 NAT / RO / 825.

18.05.2017 – Pades Nature amphitheater, Gorj county – Annual InfoDay for Nature and Biodiversity Protection within LIFE 11 NAT / RO / 825 project with the participation of about 150 children from gymansium and highschools, over 30 specialists from the Ministry of Environment and the Romanian Environmental Protection Agencies - Folk , drawings exhibit, Life materials exposure from Romanian Life projects, worshop presenting progresses of LIFE project +11NAT/RO/825 and other LIFE projects.

Closing Caravan by LIFE 11 NAT / RO / 825 and handing over to LIFE projects from Resita and Timisoara.

19.05.2017 – Site visits - the chestnut plantations and biological treatments from Tismana area with specialists